About Us

Our Story

Opening Angel Breeze Scents has not only been an honor, but truly a blessing. In 2001, my beautiful sister, Christine, had a unique idea to scent a greeting card. Her intent when scenting these cards was to produce uplifting feelings, evoke happy memories, and to spread joy to one another. Together, we began making prototypes and sharing them with our family. As time went on, she also created an aromatherapy cosmetic line and often donated many of her products to women’s homeless shelters. She believed that everyone deserved to have things which made them feel good, no matter how little money they had or what situation they were in. Years went by and we both settled down with our own families. Life got busy and our scented greeting card idea got put away for the time being. Sadly, in 2010, we tragically lost Christine. It was the most devastating time of my life. All the ideas and creativity literally went into a box not to be revisited for another 9 years. In early 2019, I had the most beautiful spiritual connection with my sister, which led me to revisit the box filled with scented greeting cards we had put away many years earlier. Through amazing experiences, synchronicities, and what I believe is the guidance of my sister, the pathway opened up for my wife and I to establish Angel Breeze Scents. It has been an amazing journey so far filled with hope and love, which we are so grateful to share with everyone!

This “Angel of Love” card was custom painted in honor of my late sister Christine.

Our Mission

We are passionate about helping people, in particular, suicide prevention. We both meet, volunteer, and donate to that cause, which is engrained in our core business belief. 10% of all profits are donated to mental health awareness and suicide prevention. Everyday, we strive to make a positive impact in the world. All of our cards are built with that same uplifting energy and care. Thank you for supporting Angel Breeze Scents and our mission!

Jeff & Kristy Purpura
Angel Breeze Scents LLC